Makeup Brush Set: Windows Of The Soul - 5 Piece for Eyes

As the saying goes, the eyes are 'The Windows To The Soul'

This 5 piece set is the simple solution for dreamy eye makeup that is clean and fallout free.

Brushes in Set are from our Classic Collection

European Pine Squirrel Brushes

#15 Luxe Shadow Fluff Med     -     For laying down two or more colours
#17 Luxe Socket Blender Med -     For emphasizing the sockets of the eyes and for                                                                blending the overall look.
#18 Luxe Socket Blender Sml  -     Perfect for Smokey Eyes and really punching out                                                               colour to define.

European Premium Sable Brushes

#21 Razor Slant Liner  -                   For precision lining with gel or liquid liner. Great                                                                 for brows too.
#1/A Angled Mini Mascara Fan -    For applying and building mascara, can use with                                                               concealer for under eyes, or with powder as an                                                                 under eye soft powder liner.

We recommend you keep your brushes clean and conditioned with Goatmilk Brush Shampoo.