Makeup Brush Set: 'Bolt-On' - 6 Piece Eye and Cheek Set

6 Piece Makeup Brush Set:

We have enabled you to 'Bolt-On' to your Debut Brush Set, so here we have 6 more brushes.

1 x Goat Hair Mini Kabuki: Powder/Bronzer Blending, Powder Contouring

1 x Goat Hair Fluff: Clean up dropped Eye Shadow, Powder Contouring

1 x Pony Eye Shadow Blender: Single Colour Eye Shadow Application/Blending

1 x Pony Eye Shadow Definer: Socket Definer

1 x Eyebrow Comb/Brush & Mascara Spoolie (double ended brush): Brow Grooming/Mascara Application/ Brow Gel Application

We Recommend Using Goat Milk Brush Shampoo to clean the brushes in this set.



Brushes Made in USA from various premium grade hair.

Cruelty Free.