Makeup Brush Set: 12 Piece Vegan NouVeau Pro

A selection of 12 premium vegan brushes from our nouVeau Collection for pros and passionistas.


Vegan Brown Squirrel Brushes:

1/N: Super Fine Bent Liner

2: Arc Blender

7: Soft Fan Duster


Vegan Mongoose Brushes:

3: All About Lip

5: Pyramid Foundation

17: Soft Concave Fan


Vegan Blue Squirrel Brushes:

8:  Perfect Shadow Blender

10: Soft Shadow Contour

11: Soft Shadow Accent

12: Super Soft Blusher

14: Super Soft Wedged Contour

15: Soft Shadow Socket


Available Online Only



1 Free Brush Shampoo (1oz)