Makeup Brush Rack - for 26 Brushes

The LBC Makeup Brush Rack makes drying your clean brushes easy! When you dry them vertically or horizontally (after cleaning them with our Brush Shampoo) you are ensured that water does not remain inside the ferrule for long and that your brushes will air dry in a clean environment.  No more rolling off counter tops onto the dirty floor; now thanks to LBC you can clean and store your brushes safely without worry.

The LBC Brush Rack Holds 26 Brushes: 10 larger brushes such as Blush, Bronzer, Foundation, Powder, and 16 medium sized brushes such as Eye Shadow, Lip, Concealer, Application.


Item comes folded flat in the box and covered with an adhesive protecter which is there to protect your Brush Rack until use and which peels off easily . It's cross bar in the center ensures great stability.
Produced in USA.