Humungous Brush Cleaning Kit


Did You Know That Dirty Makeup Brushes Can Hold Staphycoccal & Streptacoccal Bacteria, Funguses, Dead Skin and Dust... YUK!

Siân Richards has created a one stop shop to help you simplify and perfect deep cleaning, sanitization, conditioning and restoring of your makeup brushes. You need never worry again! To avoid possible staph and other truly ghastly infections, be sure to wash and dry your brushes after EVERY use.
Kit Includes: 1 x 2oz Vegan Brush Shampoo, 1 x Brush Drying Rack, 1 x Friction Pad, 1 x Anti Bacterial Sponge Cloth, 1 x Brush Rake, 5 x Brush Cocoons, 5 x Brush Covers.
We recommend Goatmilk Options for Natural Hair Makeup Brushes, and Vegan Options for Vegan or Synthetics Hair Makeup Brushes. Clean your brushes and sponges after every use.