Makeup Brush Set: In Love With Eye Lines - 3 Piece for Eyes

This 3 piece set is your one stop shop for lining your eyes and detail finishing your eye makeup. From a Super Fine Kate Moss Line, to a more dramatic Sophia Loren.. If you love lining, you will LOVE this set. All brushes work with gel, cake, liquid, or cream liners.

Brushes in Set are from our Classic Collection

Classic #0, Classic #1, Classic #2A

European Premium Sable Brushes

Super Fine Liner  -     For precision lining with gel, cake or liquid liner. Great for                                          brows too with matt eye shadow.
Fine Detail -                Brilliant for delicately filling brows or for adding                                                          accentuation to your lash line. Works with powder, liquid or                                      gel based makeup.
Angled Lip -                The perfect liner brush for Loren-style lining.. Makes easy                                          work for a precision line every single time.

We recommend you keep your brushes clean and conditioned with Goatmilk Brush Shampoo.