Makeup Brush Set: I Can Contour Eyes - Vegan NouVeau 5 Piece

This 5 piece set is your one stop shop for contouring and detailing  your eye makeup. If you love contouring your eyes, you will LOVE this set. All brushes work with powder, cream and gel makeup.

Brushes in Set are from our NouVeau Collection

#8 Perfect Shadow Blender  -     Blends two or more colours easily    
#10 Perfect Shadow Contour  -  Defines the crease and under eye.      
#11 Soft Shadow Accent   -         Defines creates perfect smokey eye.       
#16 Soft Mini Shadow Contour - Highlight brow bone to define and blend easily. Use                                                               with concealer too.
#2N Super Fine Bent Liner  -        Line like a pro on your upper lid. Also for your brows.                                                  

We recommend you keep your brushes clean and conditioned with Vegan Brush Shampoo.