LBC by Siân Richards is based on integrity and genuine love for high quality products that do not affect the environment in any negative way so all our products are made out of 100% renewable resources, the animal hair used for the Classic collection Brushes is of the worlds best quality (Premium European) and all products are entirely made in the USA and UK. We don't advertise our products as "cruelty-free" because when you have standards as high as ours are, cruelty free products are automatically integrated into our company directive.


What Constitutes a Good Makeup Brush?

A great makeup brush needs to make applying makeup easy. It MUST be soft, flexible, durable, clean up well, be balanced and finally, look good. Most importantly the quality of hair must not be compromised or the brush will not remain consistent

  • Blending brushes for eye shadow, contouring, blusher and powder need to be soft and flexible.
  • Detail brushes for lips, concealing, eye lining or eyebrow filling need to be precise and springy.
  • Application brushes for foundation, whether cream or liquid, need to be soft flexible and luxurious.


Does Hair Quality make any difference?

Hair quality is EVERYTHING. It determines how the brush feels and performs. There are many grades of hair and many sources from where to get it. Grade A is premium grade hair; it is the end of the hair and is very soft and fine' Grade B is secondary grade hair; it is the first cut up after the hair has been cut for A Grade. As it blunt cut on both ends it tends to be more scratchy too. Female hair over male hair.. 90% of the time the girls win out for softness as male hair is more dense.  


European Natural Hair: Why?

European hair tends to be much softer and more refined. Furthermore, due to strict EU regulations, animals have to be handled carefully and without cruelty, and the hair has to be processed a certain way to make sure it is absolutely safe for use - LBC LOVES that!! Outside the EU and we have found hair that is coated with silicone to give a silky 'high grade' appearance.. However, a few months down the line, the silicone wears off and the true integrity of the hair is revealed which is often more brittle and sharp.


Blended or Unblended?

Unblended is best. Blended brushes are made using two different quality of hair (unless it's a stylized brush). Generally a lower grade is blended with a higher grade to bulk the brush out and make it in a less costly way. Sometimes this affects the brush and you will see the brush 'matting' up in the middle, like dreadlocks; this happens because the hair has been blended badly, not all root to tip direction, and because the cheaper hair often is more coarse and will snag the softer finer hair.. This rarely happens with an unblended brush, and does not happen with LBC brushes because we use 100% premium unblended hair in our Classic Collection of natural hair brushes.


Siân's Philosophy on Brush Design and Production.

Back when Dior and Schiaparelli were the queens of couture design, makeup and cosmetics were an art form all to themselves. Pigment rich colours in lips were the rage and makeup had a finish like it had never seen before. Makeup brushes at the time were made regionally within their own country as the global marketplace was decades away. Everything was hand crafted and made with care and attention - and it showed. Things Lasted. They looked Beautiful - and they are still looking beautiful today in many cases.

Growing around this philosophy, Siân inherited her first set of makeup brushes from her late father - a film makeup artist.. Some of them were over twenty years old.. Beautiful Dior brushes, Max Factor and Kolinsky sable brushes too, and she used them into the first years of her makeup career.


LBC makeup brushes are hand made in the UK and USA. We do not mass produce large quantities to manage quality. They are made by some of the longest existing brush makers around, who are craftsmen and women. Siân wants to give the best quality possible that she can to enable people to once again hold works of art in their hands as they create works of art on their faces, or faces of their clients, and with this in mind LBC Classic Collection makeup brushes are made from Premium Grade, Unblended, European Sable, Pine Squirrel and Blue Squirrel.


A Vegan Alternative of the same Quality

Hot on the heels of the success of Classic collection, Siân knew that she needed to create a Vegan collection of the same high quality. She felt that clients wanting vegan brushes had not received the attention and quality they deserved, and after twelve months of searching for the right vegan hair types and creating innovative shapes, nouVeau launched in 2010 in New York at The Makeup Show, and sold out - even the samples! Makeup artists loved the design even down to the handle colour, but most importantly, they couldn't believe just how soft this collection of brushes were. It's a makeup brush made from fake fur!!  Our nouVeau collection are made from the highest quality Vegan Mongoose, Vegan Blue Squirrel and Vegan Brown Squirrel.



What's the deal with using Brush Cleaner?

For years makeup brushes have been cleaned by derivates of coloured and scented Dry Cleaning solution. When Siân started makeup, Carbon Tetrachloride was the brush cleaner of choice - and it worked very well.. As regulations changed, it was cast aside due to its extreme toxicity and carcinogenic properties to humans. Other brush cleaners evolved and today many brush cleaners are made from a combination of Isopropyl Alcohol, Acetone, Colour, Fragrance and water.


So...What does this do to my brush??

Consider your makeup brush to be like your hair, and then imagine how your hair (and you) would react to cleaning it with those chemicals.. It would dry out, become brittle and gradually break off. The effect on makeup brushes is much the same. The hair eventually dries out on the outside of your brush that is exposed, the glue inside the ferrule, (the metal bit where the hair is glued and held in place), gets broken down leading to shedding, and if that wasn't enough, handle colour can come off too. Brush Cleaner over time, kills your brushes. And it does NOT deep clean or condition at all - it's a temporary fix, just like a band aid..



Why a solid Brush Shampoo?

Born from traveling with work, not wanting to carry liquids and chemicals in her luggage, (and not wanting to endanger her clients by using brushes retaining chemicals in the fibres), Siân created the original Goat Milk Brush Shampoo. It cleans, conditions and restores your makeup brushes like no other, and is made under the eco friendly conditions possible. It has also become known as Brush Soap and must be the only makeup product to have aka status! And because goat milk was such a global success, Siân realized an alternative to a goat milk formula was needed to deep clean vegan and synthetic brushes and so she created a Vegan Young Coconut based Brush Shampoo formula. Our Brush Shampoo formula also deep cleans makeup sponges cleaner than anything else.. Give it a try and let us know!


Our Brush Shampoo is like no other and so pure it is food grade!

Made in USA, our Brush Shampoo maker created this marvellous secret recipe exclusively for LBC.. It's like Coca Cola, we have been copied many times, but no-one has our formula which is still the best!

Each pot is hand poured and unique. We put no colour or preservative in them and we are proud to be able to manufacture such high potency products to safely care for your brushes. A little goes a very long way indeed. They are made from combined Vegetable Oils, Tea Tree Oil, Saponified Goat Milk (in the goat milk option) Young Coconut Milk (in the vegan option) and Premium Essential Oils (yes, there are grades for essential oils too! Who knew!!).


Storing Your Makeup Brushes in Style

When you have a quality product, you need to take good care of it. Siân loves to think outside of the box and make products like no one else that are original and hand crafted.

Inspired by Liberty of London - London's oldest department store - Siân set about creating Limited Edition Brush Organizers. Each season sees a small amount made by hand from imported Japanese fabrics with beautiful designs that pay homage to traditional Japenese art and design and the Art Deco Movement in general. They are made in California, are washable, tumbledryable and you can iron them too!

Why Store Makeup Brushes in a Fabric Organizer instead of a plastic case?

The best way to store makeup brushes is in a fabric Brush Organizer in order that they remain in a breathable environment. Bacteria like to breed in airless conditions, so by storing your brushes in our Limited Edition Organizers, instead of an airtight container, you are enabling your brushes to remain bacteria free. Another side effect from storing them in plastic is that often in heated conditions, brushes stick to plastic, which can result in their glossy finishing coming away and sticking to the case. This never happens with a fabric organizer as it is non-stick!