LBC Essentials

Great Makeup Brushes are just the first part. Caring for them so they last and stay in top condition is the second part.

In Siân's quest to bring back Classic quality we have beautiful Limited Edition Luxury Brush Organizers, storing your brushes safely and stylishly.

We also have our Best Selling, Original Formula Solid Brush Shampoo. It's the best way to deeply clean and condition your brushes safely without chemicals and both formulas are gluten free. Comes in Original Goat Milk and Vegan Young Coconut options.

And if that wasn't enough, Siân went and created some Brush Cleaning Kits - your one stop shop to brush hygiene made easy. Three options of Goatmilk and Vegan each: The Humungous (speaks for itself), On-The-Go and I Love Cleaning Brushes. 

Made in USA