Innovation Collection

London Brush Company created the InnoVation Collection  of vegan art brushes to celebrate the talents of special effects, character makeup artists, prosthetic makeup artists, classic artists, scribes and calligraphers. Unleash your creativity with this diverse and versatile collection.

London Brush Company pays tribute to and created for, Mark Coulier, Greg Cannom, Eryn Kruger Mekash, Mike Mekash, Neill Gorton and of course for our own award winner, Founder of LBC Siân Richards.

 All brushes are made from vegan man made hair, wooden handles made from wood from sustainable forests, glued inside ferrule with non toxic glue. They work well with, alcohol activated makeup, creme makeup, water activated makeup, tattoo inks, medical adhesives, spirit gum, water-based glues, traditional artist inks, acrylic, gouache, acryl-gouache or tempera paints. And of course, they clean up like new with LBC Brush Shampoo.