With a beauty world obsessed with HD makeup, we at LBC by Sian Richards smile knowingly. We smile because we know that without good tools, there IS no HD makeup. The HD finish you achieve with your makeup is a result of the tools you use to apply it with, not the product you use. Our award winning and Emmy nominated founder does not own HD makeup, yet she works on HD movies all the time.. How does she do it we say???!!!!! And she told us.. "It's all about the tools and your blending and the most refined blend is achieved with soft makeup brushes. The softer the better for a super fine finish."

Introducing our newest collection.. Nine fabulous brushes.. So pretty to have and to hold and enable an HD finish that is flawless, refined and elegant. Aren't they pretty! Hypo Allergenic, hand made and UBER soft. You will love them. Don't forget to wash them with our Vegan Brush Shampoo for the best results and chemical free safe cleaning! Available for Christmas and the holidays 2015.


4K HD Makeup Brush Collection by LBC by Sian Richards

November 05, 2015

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