The Future of High Definition Makeup is coming

With a beauty world obsessed with HD makeup, we at LBC by Sian Richards smile knowingly. We smile because we know that without good tools, there IS no HD makeup. The HD finish you achieve with your makeup is a result of the tools you use to apply it with, not the product you use. Our award winning and Emmy nominated founder does not own HD makeup, yet she works on HD movies all the time.. How does she do it we say???!!!!! And she told us.. "It's all about the tools and your blending and the most refined blend is achieved with soft makeup brushes. The softer the better for a super fine finish."

Introducing our newest collection.. Nine fabulous brushes.. So pretty to have and to hold and enable an HD finish that is flawless, refined and elegant. Aren't they pretty! Hypo Allergenic, hand made and UBER soft. You will love them. Don't forget to wash them with our Vegan Brush Shampoo for the best results and chemical free safe cleaning! Available for Christmas and the holidays 2015.


4K HD Makeup Brush Collection by LBC by Sian Richards

Siân Richards is Emmy Nominated

It's a very special week here at LBC.. We are delighted for our Founder Siân Richards, who has been recognized for her work on Queen Latifah in HBO's Bessie receiving an EMMY 2015 nomination!!

The entire makeup and hair department did a sterling job, and both departments have been recognized and nominated, but here in LBC land, we are dancing a jig for Siân!! 

Well done and thoroughly deserved Boss! We Love You!!! 


Cleaning Makeup Brushes with a Six Year old

What are you going to do when you are the daughter of LBC Founder and makeup artist Siân Richards?? Well, following in her mother's footsteps, her 6 1/2 year old daughter wanted to use LBC Brush Shampoo to clean her makeup brushes... Yes, they are used for putting on kids tattoos, crazy face paint and much glitter - usual six year old makeup stuff!!
So, if she can do it, so can you!! Clean your brushes at least three times a week!

Go and check out our Brush Shampoo and remember that Goat Milk is for Natural Hair brushes, and Vegan is for Vegan and synthetic brushes.... AND it cleans your sponges too!




IMATS Toronto 2014

Siân Richards will be appearing at the International Makeup Artist Trade Show in Toronto November 22nd and 23rd. Over two days, makeup artists, students makeup artists and enthusiasts will come to see live demonstrations, meet up with senior makeup artists at the top of their profession and learn what is new and how to grow their career.


Sian will be mentoring - something she loves to do - and inspiring the next generation and reminding them to never lose their passion for makeup artistry..

Vegan Brush Shampoo Has Two New Scents

London Brush Company created The Original Brush Shampoo made out of Goat Milk, combined Vegetable Oils and Essential Oil.. and a little while after we launched our vegan collection of makeup brushes, called NouVeau, we created Vegan Brush Shampoo to provide those wanting a vegan option the best products we can give. Replacing the Goat Milk with Young Coconut Milk, the cleansing power is just as strong and Vegan Brush Shampoo became another best seller for LBC.

We are the leader in premium quality makeup brushes and chemical free cleaning solutions and because of this, a little goes a very long way getting your brushes deep cleaned, conditioned and restored.. It will even clean your sponges too.

We took a trip to the British Countryside as inspiration for these scents.. We now offer Vegan Clary Sage and Vegan English Lavender in addition with our Vegan Young Coconut.

Available Online from October 13th and in stores very soon.


Liberty London holds a Brush Clinic hosted by our Founder Sian Richards


Liberty London is London's oldest department store.. Walk through the beautiful wooden rooms and you are walking through Tudor splendour that is rarely seen and far rarely integrated into a world famous store. It is one of a kind and a London landmark by Royal Appointment to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Liberty is also well known for it's discerning choice of brands and London Brush Company is delighted to feature as one of their top selling boutique brands in their Must Have collection.

September 22nd &23rd sees our Founder Sian Richards  doing a number of  in store features.

Monday September 22nd Between 1-2pm GMT: Twitter Chat.. We are giving away a prize or two......        

Tuesday September 23rd Between 2-5pm: Drop in Brush Clinic. Bring in your makeup brushes and lets get them clean for you and show you how to clean safely without chemicals and restore the original beauty back into your brush; using London Brush Company Brush Shampoo of course!

Tuesday September 23rd 5pm onwards: Vogue Fashion Night Runway presentation. Makeup designed by Sian Richards.

You can find Liberty in the heart of the west end of London on the corner of  Great Marlborough Street and Carnaby Street. Nearest tube line is Oxford Circus.

(official address is: Regent Street, London W1B 5AH.  ph: +44 207 734 1234)